What Property Types Qualify for a 1031 Exchange?

1031 Exchange

Land, land improvements resulting from human effort including buildings and machinery sited on land and various property rights over the preceding (ex. homes, apartment buildings, shopping centers, commercial buildings, factories, condominiums, leases of 30-years or more, quarries and oil fields.) All types of real property are considered like-kind and thus exchangeable for all other types of real property in a 1031 exchange.

What is a like-kind exchange?

A like-kind exchange is a tax-deferred transaction that allows for the disposal of an asset and the acquisition of another similar asset without generating a capital gains tax liability from the sale of the first asset.

1031 Exchange Property Types

Commercial 1031 Exchange


Investors can 1031 exchange into commercial properties such as industrial and manufacturing facilities like an Amazon Distribution Facility, a self-storage facility, a retail shopping center, or an office building.

Residential 1031 Exchange


Investors can 1031 exchange into residential multifamily properties such as 300-unit class A luxury multifamily facilities, 55+ active living communities, or student housing properties.

Agriculture 1031 Exchange


Investors can 1031 exchange from farmland into residential multifamily properties or the reverse, where farm owners can sell farmland and reinvest proceeds into residential multifamily communities.

Oil and Gas 1031 Exchange

Oil and Gas

Investors can 1031 exchange from traditional property into oil and gas investments as working interests or royalty interests. We have had clients sell inherited royalty interest owned for decades and reinvest in income-producing multifamily properties.

DST 1031 Exchange Property Type

Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs)

Investors can 1031 exchange from traditional property into DSTs of any type of asset class such as multifamily or self-storage.

TIC 1031 Exchange Property Type

Tenants in Common (TICs)

Investors can 1031 exchange into TIC ownership of properties in a variety of asset classes such as self-storage, Amazon or Costco tenanted industrial facilities, or even senior care facilities.

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